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If they have functions that are jealous, bulls can be provoked, submerged, discredited by subtle methods, difficult to identify as sources, and thus hard to combat. Between 15 and 16 December at night pleasant moments for those with public activities teachers, lawyers, journalists, artists, politicians. Some may receive prizes and awards, praise, favorable chronologies, applause, censorship. Opportunities for those who want to develop, make their confession or make their debut in the profession.

Between December 16, after and the morning of December 18, confrontation with a close friend or group of friends, controversy, radicalization of the attitude of some or other, sharp comments, sharp answers. Between December 18, after and December 20, at 12 noon, efforts to calm the mind, isolating stressors, restoring lost powers, replacing the unpleasant echoes of events that have lately targeted them. Between the 20th of December, after and the 21st of December, the Moon goes through its birthmark and gives them positive inflows.

Gemini will feel better well, become more desirable, joyful and largely mental, mental and intellectual. Useful meetings in negotiations, debates or discussions to regulate an activity. Correct approach to a bid. Do not delay the signing of agreements and contracts. The ability for those called to provide investigation, investigation, review, and review statements to convincingly defend themselves. For year-olds, the divorce, marriage or remarriage hypothesis can be accommodated by a fast, separate, "comfortable" solution based on a good understanding of sharing.

In the health plan there is a risk of flu, viruses, colds and infections or an endocrine imbalance. Source link. Originally Posted by whizbang The only thing is, I think she's Originally Posted by Serpentine A good suggestion, but I can't verify it at the moment Originally Posted by whizbang Crazy guess: Originally Posted by whizbang Are some of his secrets venusian in nature?

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Originally Posted by Serpentine Come to think about it - there's the secret room in the DoM rumoured to be some kind of Love Room; "a force at once more wonderful and more terrible than death, than human intelligence, than the forces of nature" and "perhaps the most mysterious of the many subjects for study that reside there" - OotP, Bloomsbury, p. Originally Posted by whizbang Again this is a fascinating chart, Serpentine. Originally Posted by whizbang They may not have the same rising sign.

Originally Posted by Dagmar So can you use the same chart you used on Snape for Sirius, knowing that they were in the same year at Hogwarts. Originally Posted by Dagmar I've read somewhere too that Taurus and Scorpio are kind of ying and yangy to each other.

Originally Posted by Serpentine Whizbang, what do you have against Scorpios? Originally Posted by whizbang But maybe living with so many scorpios is why I don't think that Snape is one. You will experience a crisis of values. You may experience a lack of self-worth and over-compensate by accruing money and possessions.

You may also distrust your body, or feel that your body is not beautiful. You will learn to rely on your own and your body's experiences, and could become a healer. This a quest to develop your inner strength. You may find that you experience times of loneliness. These times are part of your lesson to forge your own creative life in order to give generously to the world. Originally Posted by Serpentine Since there's a new thread about Dudley's birthday where Dudley's birthday was mentioned as June 22nd according to the HP Lexicon timeline, which apparently was around the summer solstice of At the summer solstice there will be a new Your self-esteem is a key element in your life.

Your possessions can become a means of expressing yourself. Values are important to you, including learning to value yourself. You value beautiful possessions, and are comfortable with money. You are bountiful and possess the ability to see beauty in things. Home for you is a place where ideas and information are exchanged.

You are adaptable with your living arrangements. This may stem from living in different homes during childhood. You learn much in your family environment. You search for ways of expanding your creative self-expression. You may be inspired by children or vice versa. You like the freedom to express your sense of fun and creativity. This represents a quest to create own your destiny. You need to give up your personal dreams and develop self-discipline to build a creative life.

Daily routine is comforting for you. A focus on daily routine and health will satisfy your emotional needs. Pets may also be a source of emotional warmth. You will approach daily life with vigor, and may fight for or with co-workers. You may also push your body hard. You will benefit from daily exercise. You have a need for structured daily work. You may have health problems early in life. A daily health program may be beneficial.

You may also have good organisational abilities. Your daily routine plays an important role in your life. You may experience dramatic changes to your health. Your challenge is to recognise the power of the relationship between mind and body. You have a need for unconventional relationships.

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Freedom within relationships will also be important to you. You will learn about your own individuality through unusual relationships. You feel at one with others and have the ability to transcend daily life through metaphysical pursuits. You may easily sense emotional undercurrents. You will choose a responsible and respectable career path. You prefer to be seen as authoritative and reliable. You may experience some early career setbacks, but your hard work will pay off in the end and you will receive the respect you desire.

You suffer from deeply-buried wounds and moments of overwhelming pain. In exploring the depths of this pain you may later become a catalyst for healing others - a spiritual healer. This comes from your own lessons of self-discovery through emotional or physical wounds.

Spiritual healing and teaching may play an important role in your life. Originally Posted by strange magic I like snape as a scorpio it fits him well. Originally Posted by whizbang I squished Dudder's rising back to 0 degrees Taurus. Every time you express your essential being you experience rejection. This may lead to self-exploration and you may later become a wounded healer or teacher.

Originally Posted by Ducken I remember reading somewhere that people who've got the same signs sometimes clash and don't get along at all. You may be aloof from emotions, or distrust emotions as irrational and unpredictable. You may have viewed your mother as emotionally erratic. You may seek reclusion when under stress.

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You have a strong empathy with your mother, and need to learn your own emotional boundaries. Under stress you will seek a challenge and time on your own. You may have experienced your mother as independent and possibly impatient. The Complete Illustrated Guide to Astrology German translation Emotions are expressed only in a reserved way, but with openly shown friendliness.

Originally Posted by Serpentine Ducken - do you need or want the actual chart picture of the Snape chart too? Looks nicer and it helps to understand all the text details I'd copy down for you, but I can't seem to figure out how to get and attach those thumbnails from the Astrodienst page. My own Solfire program draws charts too but uses its own kind of file format for them. Can be destructive, vengeful, jealous, overly dramatic.

Can be pessimistic, overly conventional, rigid, materialistic, callous. You have difficulty making decisions and in the process of weighing up the pros and cons in a logical manner. You value your personal relationships, in which you often taking on a caretaker role.

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You are such a sympathetic and understanding person that you are often caught in the role of mother to your loved ones. Your weakness lies in the fact that you fail to take an objective perspective when necessary. You often react without thinking things through first. You expect others to be reliable, like yourself. It covers academic subjects, law, religion, publishing, foreign culture, sport, overseas travel and philosophy. Other exoteric and esoteric keywords include: Philosophy, religion, higher education, distant travel, cultural learning, publishing, the journey along the Path, the Ageless Wisdom, akashic records.

It shows your standing in the community, career, social status and can reflect your attitude to parenting. Honor, authority, career and profession, life direction, achievement, Masters and Hierarchy. You also want to be public, and to play your part in society. Under stress you will create drama and intensity in your life.

You may have been born at a time when your mother experienced a crisis, or your birth may have been traumatic. Your mother may have been possessive and intense. You find comfort through adventure; exploring the world through higher learning, travel, religion, philosophy and foreign cultures. Once you have learnt to view things from all aspects your intuitive and exciting nature will flourish. You feel that you are misunderstood, particularly by your own mother. Once you have learnt to rise above your pain, you will have the ability to understand and help others.

You are sensitive about your role in public, and often seek a sense of security from your chosen profession. You may also choose a profession in which you look after others. Your mother may also have a strong influence on your life direction. You may gain attention through creating dramatic situations. You may also be secretive. Travel, foreign cultures, religion, and academic studies may provide your keys to this higher-knowledge.

Philosophies will be explored for self learning. You have a love of adventure, anything that provides an outlet for your boundless energy. You initiate, and take risks, at times acting too impulsively. You are 'other worldly', possibly artistic or musical. You may be unclear of your own identity. Try to use your creativity rather than escaping through addictive behaviour.

You will also have the opportunity to renew your vitality when necessary. You are a born philosopher, enjoying any information which helps you see the big picture. For instance you may enjoy a religious debate. You place importance on freedom of speech and thought. You will be keen to share your thoughts and ideas in your chosen profession.

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  4. You have big ideas and plans. Education will feature largely in your life. You suffer from obsessive thoughts and find it difficult to think positively and calmly. You are focused on your own thoughts and opinions and may not listen to others. You will want your partner to be precise, neat and punctual. You may expect perfection.

    You will enjoy having detailed analytical conversations. You enjoy experiencing the cyclic transformations of life, and find that intimate relationships can be intense. You need to gently assert yourself. You are dramatic, and may have strong sexual urges. You may make a vengeful opponent. You are on a quest to explore the higher meaning of life. You need to avoid addictive behaviour and would be better to avoid alcohol or drugs. You need to be able to escape into art, or water.

    Use your energy to create or to enjoy pursuits such as water sports. You could be an enthusiastic and inspirational teacher. You may have an ever-expanding need for public recognition. You range from over confident to completely lacking in confidence. The truth lies somewhere in between.

    You are a responsible worker. This may be because you feel that your own boundaries are constantly threatened. A serious examination of hidden realms may help you to conquer your fears. You make plans and have the power to carry them out. For a more individual interpretation look at the house position. This is the generation which seeks the freedom of individual expression.

    True individual creativity becomes important, particularly through culture and the arts. On a personal level: You have a wilful desire for freedom, and are likely to cut ties and to make sudden changes if circumstances or people stand in your way. Your strong desire to express your freedom may be as a result of your inability to face deep emotional wounds. Your task is to honor your intuition and foresight and find a creative outlet for your unique talents. Therefore the interpretation of Neptune in the Sign applies to a generation rather than the individual.

    This generation has the ability to passionately pursue spiritual values. They face a battle between their desire nature and the desire for a spiritual way of life. They will know of the value of regeneration rather than stagnation. This generation may play a transformative role in the world.

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    You may be disappointed with the realities of study, foreign travel and religion. You are part of the changes in government and the approach to human rights. Spirituality and the occult are given more credence or power. Alternatively, some of your generation will choose to drop out of the system. Therefore the interpretation of Pluto in its sign applies to a generation rather than the individual.

    This generation possesses the ability to transform the way the world sees health. Born on January 12th, Future special birthdays. Sunday, December.

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    Your next birthday is 15 days away You've been alive for hours You were born on a Saturday in mid January You are 21, minutes old Your next birthday is on a Saturday. How popular is your name? Search to find out! Subscribe to our newsletter. To Saturday, July 20, To Saturday, 30 March, You will need your date of birth location A day when changes might be made at the gemini twins names french fevrier months janvier last minutes to your plans.