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Now, obviously there are many ways to obtain a psychic phone reading. Just typing in any permutation of "psychic readings" online will provide you with thousands of possibilities. The fact remains, though, that "you get what you pay for" doesn't always apply here. Many psychics have developed a professional web appearance and charge exorbitant rates, hoping that their professionally finished web page and high prices will lend credibility. Yes, there are Psychics out there that claim to be 'certified', 'licensed', 'verified', or 'members' of some exclusive organization, but remember that in today's day and age, it's relatively easy to call yourself one of these things.

Your best bet is to do your research before spending any of your hard-earned money on a psychic. Look at several different psychics, and compare them. Much like buying a new car- if you fall in love with the first one you see, you may have missed a great deal just around the corner. If you're looking into a live psychic , check and see how long they have been there, see if they're a member of the local 'BBB', and actually meet the psychic before committing to any fees.

When it comes to online psychics or phone psychics, you obviously can't meet them in person, but there's still ways to see how credible they are. You can still check to see how long they've been around and what their experience is, and if you want to know more, you can usually e-mail the psychic in advance if there are still questions that you have.

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What does that mean for all of us??? Tune in this morning and find out! See you there! Rank 2: Weekend Astrology - Moon in Libra. It's the last Friday of and the last weekend of This morning we'll be taking a look at the transits that take us through the end of the year. What does the Astrology in April and May have in store for you? Moonscapes Love your life astrology empowers you to live your genius and love your life. Rank 2: Spring Eclipse Season. Astrology forecast starting March 8 - April 7, Rank 1: Sagittarius. The Sun moves into Sagittarius on November 22nd where it will stay until December 21st.


During this time travel may feed your adventurous spirit. The wilderness might also call to you, and a hike in the woods or a camping trip could be just what you need to restore your vitality and reconnect with your inner truth. Intellectual travel will also be satisfying — through attending lectures, taking classes or simply talking with people who see the world very differently from yourself.

There is also a Full Moon in Gemini so you may be pleasantly surprised by the progress you are making with the project you initiated during the New Moon on November 7th. Additional insights can make your endeavor seem even more worthwhile, once you incorporate them. No doubt, people will be impressed by what you tell them. Your quest for knowledge can be personally fulfilling once the answers come to you, and you get a chance to show off just a little.

Nebulous Neptune turns direct on Saturday after being retrograde since June. If you are a mutable sign — Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces then this influence may affect you. The year starts out with action planet Mars in its own sign of Aries so gets off to a flying start.

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This means we need to keep our egos in check and help those in need. For most of January and all of February there will be no planets in retrograde motion. This will provide all of us a reprieve to plan our future and move forward without too many obstacles and limitations. In July, we have two more eclipses. The first is a Solar Eclipse in moody Cancer. Many of us may find ourselves focused on family matters and issues around the home. On July 16th we have another intense Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn. Manifestations that were set in motion at the beginning of the year may finally start to materialize.

In we have three dreaded Mercury retrogrades. The first in March then July and finally in November. These are times when we need to take caution with communication, travel plans and purchasing electronic equipment. These periods are good for reviewing, renewing and recycling.

In December, expansive Jupiter moves into goal seeking Capricorn where it will stay through This is a time when many of us will feel motivated and optimistic about our professional endeavors. Rank 1: Weekly Horoscopes - May 14th, Your weekly zodiac forecast. Rank 2: Weekly Horoscopes - December 8th, I this pre-recorded episode I'm joined once again by my friend and fellow Scorpio Sherene Shostak.

We talk about the astrology of October, eclipses, the shadow, Pluto, Scorpio, and jealousy. We aslo recorded this while staying in beautiful Sedona, Arizona. Prerecorded Podcast In this edition I sit down again with astrologer and fellow Scorpio, Sherene Schostak, to get a debrief on April's monumental cardinal grand cross. Sherene also discuses her work with Project 40, a Jungian inspired forty day journey towards deeper awareness and transformation. You can find Project 40 at www.

Rank 1: Undergoing Difficult Transits. Dena talks about the reality of undergoing difficult transits to the birth chart.


The Full Moon on July 15 is at 22 degrees Capricorn. It falls on fixed star Sulaphat in the Lyre and squares Eris. It is quite timely this Goddess comes up since she featured so heavily in my research into psychopaths. I think she may represent is the scapegoat, she did get blamed for the Trojan war after all. Like Eris, psychopaths take the rap for all our inner demons, we can brand someone a psycho and smugly feel good about ourselves.

The Moon is also opposite Varuna and conjunct Asteroid Venetia so there is an aquatic theme also. In the second half of the show I look at the celestial weather for the next two weeks starting from July 10th until July 24th. Marina from Dark star Astrology discusses the weeks astrology forecast. In the fixed star Regulus moves into the constellation Virgo, what does that mean for humanity? What's the big deal? Some say this is the true start of the Age of Aquarius. We look at the traits of Regulus as opposed to plain old Leo the star sign and also look at some famous celebs with it strong in their charts.

I also look at the astrological indicators of a psychopath. A teaching or writing job could be offered to you on or around the 6th, allowing you to showcase your expertise. Work responsibilities will improve dramatically toward mid-month; you might move to a much nicer office. The Full Moon marks a birth, engagement, wedding, or commitment ceremony. This will be a beautiful occasion to remember for a lifetime. You could get a piece of writing published on or around the 19th. Schedule more time to rest and relax during the third week of the month. The New Moon on the 27th is ideal for a passionate rendezvous.

Sneak off to a relaxing waterside retreat with your amour. Power struggles will erupt at work as June turns to July. Take care not to make any hidden enemies, or life could become very uncomfortable. Avoid getting embroiled in legal disputes during the second week of the month.

If you get hit with a penalty, pay it as quickly as possible. Fortunately, your family will provide you with lots of financial and emotional support at this time. The Full Moon on the 12th brings an end to a painful work situation. This is a great time to launch your own business, audition for a part, or put your artwork on display. Pay no attention to an envious relative or neighbour on the 19th. The New Moon on the 26th will bring fame and acclaim. A reward will be given to you on or around the 6th as thanks for your hard work.

An overseas trip or advanced class will provide profound pleasure; secure a spot by mid-month. The Full Moon on the 13th brings a successful conclusion to a family matter. Resources will become more readily available when you sell some property or cash in some investments.

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Be sure to attend a big party on or around the 27th, when the New Moon puts some influential people in your path. Have a generous supply of business cards on hand. A lover will be especially attentive to your needs as June turns to July. Authority figures will be more attentive in the opening days of July. Use this opportunity to make an important presentation or request.

An office romance will heat up in the second week of the month. The Full Moon on the 12th will force you to break free from a troubled relationship. Fortunately, friends will be on hand to ease the transition. Spending more time on your own will prove therapeutic starting in the second half of July. Let your best friend pamper you in the days surrounding the 19th.

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  4. Problems with a difficult colleague will erupt during the third week of the month; you may not be powerful enough to fight this bully. Rely on an influential relative or neighbour to get you through this rough patch. The New Moon on the 26th is perfect for going on a spiritual retreat. Choose a destination that evokes fond memories of childhood. Your boss could go back on a promise during the first week of the month, so prepare for a setback. All is not lost. A generous relative will help you out of a financial pinch in mid-June. The Full Moon on the 13th concludes a contractual obligation, giving you more freedom in your personal life.

    Your boss will single you out for favourable attention throughout the second half of the month. Developing your creative potential will be fulfilling in the final days of June. Be on the alert for career opportunities on or around the 27th. A high profile job will allow you to rub elbows with several prominent artists.

    It will be much easier to share your expertise once July gets underway. No matter how tremendous your achievements, a jealous relative will not give you the respect you are due. Try not to dwell on it; everyone else knows just how talented you are. Coping with professional responsibilities will give you precious little time for a close relationship during the first half of the month. Fortunately, your social life will get a jolt of electricity during the second half of July.

    Be ready to sort through a stack of party invitations. Getting paid what you are worth will be easier once the 20th arrives. The New Moon on the 26th is perfect for hosting a birthday party or pursuing a childhood dream. There will be a dash of glamour in everything you do as July turns to August.

    You can talk anyone into anything mid-month; put your powers of persuasion to work. The Full Moon on the 13th brings payment for a job you did some time ago. Bite your tongue when dealing with an offensive neighbour in the second half of June. Money from an inheritance, refund, or lawsuit will allow you to afford more luxuries during the last week of the month.

    You could gain admission to an exclusive school or club as June turns to July. Your chances for getting a scholarship or grant are high, especially if you apply for several. Ask a respected civic leader to write you a letter of recommendation.

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    You could get in a war of words with a teacher or expert in early July. Keeping cool, calm and collected will allow you to retrain your power. A colleague will challenge your methods mid-month. The Full Moon on the 12th brings news about your health. You will have to scale back work if you aim to avoid stress related tensions.