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Read More Click here to read his predictions that he shared on Social Media. Happy Birthday Ranveer 'Animated' Singh! As predicted, a No 6 in his 33rd 6 year, Ranveer Singh has had a fete celebrating the success of his mega mountainous hit, Padmaavat Our Title after becoming the youngest actor Male to have entered the Cr All-India Nett Club. Ek chhutki middle name ki keemat tum kya jaano Ramesh Babu! Amazing similarities between 2 B'wood Bombshells, apart from both their b'days today!

Both their names ironically add to the same number too, 43! Yellow Army it is! Senior editor Vickey Lalwani always tries to test me before important matches See pic, my messages in green. Anand Ahuja is now Anand S Ahuja; advised the same when the lucky man who married my favourite actress Sonam consulted me recently 'S' For? Hum Saath 7 Hain! No 3 me lucky for No 9 Sallu power. Despite global warming, this January was coldest in six years - Times of India Today, Times confirming what we predicted months ago Remember our New Year story?

It's been 3 years only since we began commenting on the weather! Salman Khan convicted in black buck poaching case! Look who else is having the best time of his life this year! Remember our New Year story had this Paragraph- 'Others to do well are those whose current age is same as their birth Number HBD to our very special client, Ajay Devgn! He was also a part of our recent success, Golmaal Again our title, courtesy client Rohit Shetty.

Revealed-our actual income. All Aussie Cricketers involved in Cheating but axe fell on just few! Guess what's common between these two tainted Australian Cricketers? The first time a T Final has been won with a last-ball 6 was by our client, DK!

deepika name astrology

On the 15th 6 Padmaavat our spellings touches a mammoth crores Remember, just 2 months ago there were doubts whether the SLB film would even see the light of the day! Flying Success Actors or Airports, same story! Men or Women, Rich or Poor, Numerology is the same! Simple Mathematics! On the 24th as already indicated, South Africa would choke against India! They actually did, be it th Men or the Women! Jumaani Jaadoo Forget Common-Folks, Numerology helps even industries revive Bollywood on a song with some of our back-to-back Super-hits.

Not just titles, but Bollywood film release dates also decided by numerology Hindustan Times carries a story on our works Newspaper Clipping. First Supreme Court order in their favour and now PadMan postponed! Sanjay Leela Bhansali's woes don't seem to end, what with the CBFC suggesting him to now change the movie name from 'Padmavati' to 'Padmavat' So what does the new name add up to is a question on many minds especially with those fascinated by Numerology! Another huge prediction on the Dot!

Click link to see prediction on Narendra Modi becoming victorious in the recent elections! Numbers rock! Predicting a Films fate before seeing it is a very tough job! FB Memories don't lie! Same story every year! Proud of the Science. New Zealand has been struggling wearing Black for ages together too! No Logic, only Magic We are ready with the new title for Golmaal's 5th instalment! Had suggested him name of his Academy 'Actor Prepares' for which he expressed his gratitude as it completed a dozen Successful years.

Notice his better half's name - Kirron Kher, also our client? Tu hai Sir Ki Kirron. Newspaper Clipping. With David Dhawan Ji Looking forward 2 another title spelt as per Numerology- Judwaa 2 Varun Dhawan at the start of his career was picked by us to be the next Superstar. Can't wait to see the film even more now And he continues to be on a roll! He raced with team Double R Racing on 5th-6th august , and he has made his team, family and India very proud. Jolt for Usain Bolt as another No 1 shines in 1!

Deepika Padukone Horoscope or 2017 - 12222 - Find out More!

Not only is Justin Gatlin born February 10, a No 1, his name adds to a readymade 37 1 too! Score fixing?! To amass a total of 3 from both innings! It's entered the 10th year! The pic is humble acknowledgement from the Producer, our Client. When two of our most powerful clients merge together, expect the unexpected! A Number 7, Ekta is in her 43rd 7 year too! Another believer shines on her lucky date!

Magnificent 7! When I said 'Coming Soon' our followers understood our 1st favourites, Number 1's in 1 had best chances! If this isn't about Fortune then what is Though he didn't make it during selections, he has suddenly been recalled to play for India for the Champions Trophy to replace injured Manish Pandey! Breaking News! Keep watching this space! Today is the 39th Anniversary of Trishul that was spelt as per Numerology on 24 by one of the oldest followers of the ancient Science, Yash Chopra Ji.

Ranveer Singh’s Horoscope Analysis

Blame it on Yashraj! Honoured to receive a customised T-Shirt with my initials from the Ambanis In 1 No 1's shining again! Looking forward to Golmaal Again our title, courtesy client Rohit Shetty. But you read it here months ago in our New-Year story as gives us 1, Sun that's fiery hot! A No 3, her 39th 3 year had to be eventful! Just 3 much. Which are your Lucky Colors?

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Click Here. Sanjay B Jumaani picks yet another Bigg Boss winner. No 5 Aamir Khan releases Dangal on 23rd 5. All eyes on his latest release, since Bollywood hasn't had a great year. Astro Numerologist Swetta Jumaani introduces Numerology which helps to change ones destiny for the better.

Best of Bolein Ssitare Videos. About Sanjay B Jumaani. About Swetta Jumaani.

Asaduddin Owaisi slams Mohan Bhagwat over statement on lynching. Asim Omar, Al Qaeda's Indian subcontinent commander killed. Sri Lanka's ballot paper with extraordinary length of over 2 feet: EC. Man-wild conflict: Humans and Lions share Savannah harmoniously.

Priyanka Chopra Horoscope – A Vedic Astrology Perspective

Shah Rukh Khan woos Twitter with his wit. What would you AskSRK? Sanjay Kapoor's comment on Ananya Panday's dress triggers Insta war. Athiya Shetty and KL Rahul papped on a dinner date. What's cooking? Harbhajan backs Ashwin to break his Test record. Bastian Schweinsteiger announces retirement from football. Federer, Medvedev reach 3rd round in Shanghai Masters; Murray out. Simone Biles sets new record as US wins world gymnastics team gold.

Ben Stokes' wife rubbishes reports of being choked by all-rounder. Include dietary fibre in meals to cut risk of hypertension, diabetes. Saynotocrackers: Breathing polluted air can make you more aggressive.

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