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Placement in Gandanta caused a serious accident in childhood, but he survived due to exalted Venus in Lagna. A closer look reveals that the Moon is in the last degree of Scorpio i. Such an ill placement in Rasi Sandhi destroys the house lorded by the planet in Rasi Sandhi. Moon is the fifth lord and rules progeny. The native has been having lots of problems with love affairs as these either do not mature into marriage or, when one such affair did mature into a marriage, the desire of a child resulted in differences that are causing separation between the couple.

Rasi Sandhi between fire and water signs is called Gandanta. Instead of repeating them here, we shall discuss how to use them for predictions. This knowledge is vital in timing the fructification of the Yoga and other events.

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However if the Sun is weak, the yoga can never materialize and even if it materializes, it cannot be sustained if the Moon is weak. In such a case, the effects of the yoga are not felt for long durations and only during the dasa periods of the planet causing the Mahapurush yoga, some fame, rise etc. Thus in every yoga, it is important to identify the planets causing it and sustaining it. Final results should be declared only after an examination of strength of Lagna Lord.

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Note that the Karaka for Paka Lagna is Jupiter. Graha Yuddha planetary war results in defeat or victory depending on whether the planet concerned is defeated or victorious as per longitude in the sign i. Planets associating with them or having unobstructed beneficial Argala or associated with the Ghatika Lagna give power and authority.

Thus, during the favorable Moon dasa or the lord of 2 nd house Dhanyoga results. Planets associated with the Moon, Argala on the moon or associated with the Hora lagna give wealth and Dhanyoga. Sun or for Guru higher learning Jupiter. The tenth house and its four karakas Sun, Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury are examined for profession, meritorious rites, Yagya, pilgrimages etc. The specific most malefic positions of planets capable of causing death like suffering are as follows:- Sun in 12 th house, Moon in 8 th house, Mars in 7 th house, Mercury in 7 th house, Jupiter in 3 rd house, Venus in 6 th house, Saturn in 1 st house and Rahu in 9 th house from the Lagna or dasa rasi.

Such positions of the planets are called Marana Sthana death inflicting and the planets become Marana Karaka death inflictors. When such a death inflictor is in conjunction with or aspected by malefics or in inimical or depression signs, great grief is sure to come. Sun causes fire hazards; Moon indicates danger from water; Mars causes accident and danger from weapons; Mercury indicates trouble due to flatulence; stomach problems are indicated by Jupiter; Accident, trouble from opposite sex are caused by Venus and venomous bites by Rahu.

Similarly, the planet becoming Marana Karaka will not do well for its Karakatwa Signification and will surely tend to destroy the houses it owns.

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Such a debilitated and ill placed Sun indicates the destruction of its sign Leo which is also the tenth house in the chart. In any mundane chart the tenth house indicates the rulers or leaders and its lord in Marana Karaka Sthana, in debility and conjoined the malefic 8 th and 11 th lord Mercury indicates the death of leaders and consequential destruction of the Union.

Whereas Mars, being the lord of the sign of exaltation of the Sun and placed in a kendra to Lagna causes the neechabhanga cancellation of debility of the Sun and hence, during its dasa, the Marana Karaka results will not manifest. However, during the dasa of Rahu, placed in debility in Sagittarius and aspecting Leo, the Marana Karaka results are sure to occur. Reckoned from the Sun 10 th lord for leaders , the Argala intervention of Mars in the 11 th house is fully removed by Rahu and Venus in the 3 rd house.

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Thus, with the advent of Venus antardasa in Rahu dasa, the table was set for the functioning of the Marana Karaka yoga for the leaders. From Leo, the 12 th house is Cancer with the Saturn — Moon conjunction. Saturn is the evil maraka killer for Leo. He was succeeded Andropov who was helpless in the face of the fifth consecutive year of bad harvest in He was succeeded by Chernenko on 13 th February Subsequently, after a year Chernenko also died on 10 th March Normally when such terrible Marana Karaka Yoga functions, the native himself dies or there are three deaths around him before the evil period ends.

The fructification of yoga good or bad and extent of such fruits are dependent on the strength of the planets.

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Hence, wise astrologers should in the first place ascertain the strength of the planets. The sources of strength shall indicate the directions from where the good results will come whereas the sources which are weak shall indicate areas of suffering.

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This should be intelligently applied to Vimsopaka strength as well. The results, good or bad, shall also depend on the vocation career etc and ayana goals. Uchcha bala, especially when the planet is moving towards its exaltation gives status. In this manner the other sources should be examined qualitatively and quantitatively.

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In such cases the Lord of the Bhava cannot be considered evil. For example, Saturn is placed in the 2 nd house, during its dasa the quadrant houses 2, 5, 8 and 11 shall suffer and dwindle unless these houses are owned by Saturn relationships also count. Similarly, trines to the 2 nd house 6 th and 10 th also suffer annihilation. Planets in Kendra to Badhak sign give sorrow or foreign travel. In the chart, Moon is the 12 th lord and is debilitated in the fourth house.

Cancellation of debility occurs due to the placement of Venus in strength in its own sign Malavya Mahapurusha Yoga in a Kendra from Lagna and the Moon as well.

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  • The debility of the 12 th lord indicates the destruction of the significations of the 12 th house during its period. Cancellation of debility of Jupiter is brought about by the placement of Saturn, its dispositor in a Kendra from Lagna and the Moon. Thus, prima facie, there is considerable trouble in the 12 th house and bed pleasures and conjugal bliss will be lacking. The family of the spouse would be very ordinary or poor at the time of birth and would have risen gradually Jupiter in Pisces Navamsa in the seventh house from Lagnamsa conjoined an exalted Venus.

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    The seventh lord Saturn placed in Lagna indicates a dominating spouse and the nature of Saturn would indicate considerable coldness. Their marriage was in doldrums and the native considered divorce during Moon dasa Ketu antardasa. Fasting on the days of the lord of the Upapada Thursdays and other remedial measures helped to tide over the crisis. Ketu in 12 th from Moon and Arudha Lagna gave sudden losses and expenses. Everything went awry and out of control. Ketu is in Kendra to Badhak sign as well as Badhak lord Mars.

    However, with the advent of Venus antardasa, the neechabhanga cancellation of debility promised, occurred and the native re-established himself both in business and home. The single most important planet in any horoscope in the lord of Lagna as it represents the person himself. The sign occupied by the Lagna lord is called Paka Lagna. Similarly examine other houses. This is a very general statement and advises us to look at the status of the lord of a house. Jaimini has explained that the planets in debility or exaltation, if associated with the house of income give tremendous gains.

    This, prima facie seems to be contradictory. If such a planet is exalted then it shall not only give tremendous gains, but the houses owned by it shall also flourish. If such a planet is debilitated then it gives a lot of income, but will destroy the houses it owns.

    A planet in debility can ruin all others conjunct with it even if they are exalted. However if it attains neechabhanga cancellation of debility , then it shall give Rajayoga during its period and all planets conjoined shall work in harmony with it. In a friendly sign it shall be supportive but in an inimical or unfriendly sign, the affairs indicated by the houses owned by it shall be annihilated or diminish respectively.

    Similarly the lords of these houses placed in any bhava shall damage it due to such sources of evil. This destruction is sure to come if the lord is a natural benefic like Jupiter or Moon. Beneficial aspects shall somehow try to protect such a house. It may be noted that the planets aspecting or occupying it cannot make it prosper or become beneficial if its lord is ill placed i. Some add Venus to this list and others add the Moon as well. Houses aspected or conjoined by Saturn, Mars and Rahu shall suffer evil during their periods.

    Good or bad would depend on the nature of the houses and their relationship with Lagna Lord. In the Rasi chart, the fifth house from Lagna and karaka Jupiter is Cancer. The malefic lords of the eighth house Venus: Nija-roga and sixth house Sun: Agantuka drishti — Roga are placed in the fifth house thereby afflicting it. The lord of the fifth house Moon is ill placed in the 12 th house in dagdha combust tithi.

    What is the condition of that lord? Is it exalted? Is it debilitated? Is it in retrograde? Is it in conjunction with friends or enemies? Is it expected by a good planet or bad planet? Badhak or Badhakesh means hindrances or restrictions. These restrictions can create stress throughout your life if you are failing to identify it and start to manage it.

    If you identify this in your chart, take this information in a healthy manner. It is not necessary that they must always create problems. If their Badhakesh or lord of the Bandhak house is placed well then you can even expect progress in those matters. When you research the Badhak and Badhakesh effect in your chart, then you should not only read the matters allotted to the house, but you should read it with the sign and the house which Badhakesh sits.

    There is no such thing that you will never prosper if your Badhakesh in bad condition. Planets are just an indicator of the challenges which you can face. They are not an ultimatum. October 1, October 1, September 23, September 23,