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It's also the first of the four personal signs Aries, Taurus, Gemini, and Cancer. These signs that are concerned with achieving personal satisfaction. An Aries can impulsively leap into a relationship on the basis of romantic and sexual attraction only.

They are energized by sexual desire, know who they want, take the initiative and go after what they want. They are excited by the pursuit, and any rejection and evasion will only add fuel to the fire. However, an Aries tends to enjoy the chase more than the catch and often loses interest in a person when they've caught them or once the excitement of new love wears off. The compatibility for Aries and Aries is, initially, a great match.

Worst Matches

Like looking into a mirror, each sees the fire, passion, warmth, ambition, and raw sexual energy in the other, and this draws them together. However, they're both independent loners, who have hot tempers, tend to be self-centered and to do what they want to do, when they want to do it, and won't be told what to do by anyone. An Aries and Aries relationship will never be boring, but as you can imagine much of what comes naturally to both of them can create problems in their relationship.

Other than anatomy and physiology, there's very little difference between a male Aries and female Aries. An Aries woman may have a softer touch, but she's still brash and straightforward; more sexy than feminine. And just like an Aries man she's free-spirited, fiercely independent, lives on the edge, lacks patience, is ready to fight at the drop of a hat and won't be possessed. When dating they will be warm and physically demonstrative with one another and their dates will always be different, fun, and exciting. What one doesn't think of, the other will.

An Aries is also sexually voracious and love can be a battlefield when two Aries hook up. As lovers, they'll butt heads, argue and fight, but fighting is foreplay for hot make-up sex when an Aries and Aries hook-up. As quickly as they lose their temper with one another, all will be forgotten when they jump into bed. Sex is the battleground that will test their relationship. Make no mistake, getting a hot love affair started is no problem for two Aries.

The issue is how to make the relationship progress beyond the initial sexual and romantic attraction. An Aries woman can be a little dominating at times, but her natures match perfectly well with his calm attitude. An Aquarius man is an extrovert and very friendly. This quality of his can sometimes land him in trouble with his lady love as she can get very jealous.

The impulsive Aries woman needs a very understanding and giving partner, and the Aquarius man matches her perfectly. He has the capability of handling her confusions and is often very sympathetic towards her. Together in a relationship, he easily adapts himself to her emotional outbursts and falls into an easy pattern of calming her down.

She feels loved and protected by him. The Aquarius man also finds her very irresistible and capable, and the Aries woman finds him very extrovert and adventurous. With him by her side, her stubborn nature subsides. As they say, some people bring about the best in you, and there are some who bring about the worst in you. Their relationship ideally belongs to the former category. They slowly start to understand the value of commitment and love. As they both are equally passionate, they both remain committed to each other forever with the excitement and feelings for each other intact.

They both bring about the best in each other and also are very helpful to each other in different facets of life. An Aquarius man and an Aries woman share a strong mutual understanding which helps them to overcome their differences quickly.

Aries Man and Aries Woman Compatibility

Hello there the angel from my nightmare Their sexuality zone can be a little unpredictable. An Aries woman can be direct about her love for sex, and the Aquarius man will find it quite endearing. But she will always have to maintain the innocence of their initial encounter to have him coming back to her. Meanwhile, the Aquarius man will always want her to bring about a freshness, newness, and innocence in bed.

Aries Compatibility - Astrology Companion

Sometimes, the Aries woman can surprise her partner with her crazy antics in bed, and he might come back to her stunned and hoping for more. When in bed, the Aquarius man is known to fondle, squeeze, caress, lift and hold his woman. He loves to explore his woman's body not just out of lust but also out of affection and love for her. The Aries woman loves this quality of his and would return his passion with equal happiness and desire.

He needs to find his lady love innocent in bed, and that will make him come back for more. Although, on sexuality terms, these two signs do not have a lot in common.

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The Aries woman loves sex while the Aquarius man is very reserved. He likes to make an intellectual approach to sex but also experiments at times on bed to have some exciting moments. They do not match very well in the sexual zone, and over a period of time, they both might tire up fulfilling each other's sexual needs. A lit bit of compromise is needed in every relationship. An Aquarius man and an Aries woman can get along very smoothly with just a few compromises on either side.

The fierce combo of Air sign - Aquarius and Fire sign - Aries

The detachment and the absent-mindedness of the Aquarius man can sometimes outrage the Aries woman while the selfish attitude of the Aries woman can depress the Aquarius man. To balance out their love equation, they both need to understand each other's natures and give space. An Aries woman should lessen her selfish traits, and he should be more present and alert in her company. Their relationship will be more of a mental attraction than a physical attraction. The Aries woman loves to dominate and win every situation, but eventually, she will understand that she cannot outsmart her intellectual man every time.

But on an emotional level, she wins every time and manages to melt away his cool indifference.

Aries Love Compatibilty: Aries Sign Compatibility Guide!

They might face conflicts of concern with loyalty and freedom. The Aries woman can come across as very possessive while the Aquarius man loves his freedom. If the relationship gets too stuffy, the Aquarius man might get into an extramarital affair and the proud Aries woman, to call it a truce, might have one of her own.

The result would be that both of them might settle down for an open relationship. But if both are loyal and committed to each other, their relationship can work wonderfully well on a creative level. The Aries woman is a go-getter, and with her attitude, she will help to bring his ideas to life. However, in some cases, at one point in time, they both might get tired of each other and mutually break up. They will take the break up well thinking that it just wasn't working out.

The relationship between an Aries woman and the Aquarius man can get along very smoothly if they manage to compromise on a few negligible differences. He gives her ideas while she executes them. Theirs is an intellectual relationship, and they both love to engage in witty banter and witty conversations.

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  6. If they both understand and respect each other's strengths, they can get along beautifully. They will display an unwavering commitment to each other. To maintain harmony, both must focus on their enthusiasm for each other.