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Fortune and Prophecies. Name meaning. You need to take due measures to keep digestive system in order. Period from around mid of February seems sensitive about getting injured, probably on lower part of the body. You need to remain careful in this regard.

You need to do some physical activity to remain physically fit enough for the day. April to June You are to enjoy good general health condition here most of the times.

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There is a possibility about some kind of viral infection catching up with you. Viewing this, you need to take due precautionary measures promptly to save from viral infection. Remain concern about keeping digestive system in order. Middle aged and above need to remain careful about nagging old health issue.

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Have a regular check up to keep tab on variation and then take due measures to keep things under control. July to September You need to remain careful about health till end of July. From month of August, you are to start remaining in good general health condition.

However, issue related to digestive system may trouble you here. You need to take due care in this regard.