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Ace-card up, Taurus!

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It might be a bit messy, but you can do it. Gather with your girlfriends this weekend as the moon shines light on your friendship and community space. It takes two, Gemini! No one knows this better than the sign of the twins. Mercury lights up your interpersonal, romantic sector, and it's a time to seek understanding more than being understood.

Opposites-attract chemistry keeps you curious about partners. Work is on the brain this weekend! Honor what inspires you, and make it happen. Getting a head start on your resolutions, Cancer? Your organization and goal-setting are often underappreciated, but not anymore! Time for a weekend getaway? Bon voyage, moon child!

Horoscopes for Sunday, December 9, 2018

Share the story of your beautiful heart, Leo! Then, on the weekend, the moon electrifies your erotic and sexual desires. Have fun! Mercury is daring you to be emotionally exposed, imperfect, and empathetic—perhaps with a romantic partner? Log in here. Thanks, but no thanks. No, thanks I'm already a PureWow fan. No, thanks I hate pretty things. Remember to read for your rising sign as well, as it tells you what part of your life is most affected by your horoscope.

Mercury is moving into your sign this week, lending an air of mischief and a heightened sense of adventure to all you do. You may attract a lot of extra attention or be noticed by VIPs in your circle—good! If you can, find a solitary moment in this quiet, in-between week just for yourself.

December 9 Birthday Horoscope

A full Google cal? Not a problem for you, Aquarius! This week will bring some clarity to your career, which may have been a source of stress lately. Your attitude will turn around, as you realize how close you are to your goals and how much you have to be proud of. Everyone else is down to hear what you have to say.

This is a week of indulgence, it seems, as you might be overwhelmed by the amount of food you are being invited to consume. Eyeing a new bedroom set? Your home decor aspirations may feel especially urgent and attainable this week as you scroll through design porn on Insta and PureWow.

Open a spreadsheet as you do, Virgo and prioritize what you want. Got your mind on your money and your money in your bank account—where it belongs, Scorpio? Sagittarius Nov. Your ability to negotiate financial deals is excellent. Capricorn Dec. Either way, you will be independent in whatever you do. If you do work with others, you will take over a role of leadership today because you feel strong, competent and ready to take the initiative.

Aquarius Jan. Nevertheless, you will be busy going after what you want. Pisces Feb.

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Because of your confidence and style of expression, others will look to you for guidance or easy cues to follow. In turn, whatever happens might influence your future goals in your own mind.

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You are confident, enthusiastic, vigourous and energetic. You are hard-working, diligent and ready for any challenge. You have high expectations for yourself. Expect excitement and stimulation!

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Get ready to act fast. Make your personal freedom one of your goals this year.