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You'll feel more understood than you have in a long time. Sagittarius is one of the few signs that isn't threatened by your desire for attention and the ability to get it. During the first week of August, expect professional projects to go in your favor.

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The world finally understands how brilliant you are. Be on the lookout for opportunities to make more cash, and spend some of that birthday money on a date or vacation with your partner. Alternatively, go prowling for new lovers if you're single. Use your lion paw to circle Sunday, August 11 on your calendar. On this day, Jupiter goes direct after having been retrograde in your fifth house , which rules creativity and romance, for the past four months.

During this time you realized what you want out of a life partner, and if you work in a creative field, you likely planted the seeds of lifelong dreams.

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Now is a fruitful time for you, as those seeds are sprouting. If there are questions left, either over a contract or what you need in your sex life, now is the time to ask them. Mercury, the planet of communication, also enters Leo on this day. You may often get frustrated because others don't understand how important success is to you, but during this time communication will be emboldened for everyone. Ask for more money and be honest with your sexual and romantic needs. You deserve to have what you want and people are ready to listen.

Uranus goes retrograde on Sunday, August 11 , and transformation is inevitable. There is no more pretending. Be honest about your needs or watch relationships and work opportunities crumble.

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On Tuesday, August 13 the sun in Leo conjuncts Venus the planet that governs sex and money , sprinkling glitter everywhere. It's time for your dreams to come true. There is a full moon in Aquarius on Thursday, August While both Leo and Aquarius appreciate individuality, you like to do your own thing while Aquarius focuses a bit more on community.


This time period may cause you to feel a bit like you're under a microscope when you'd rather be basking in the sun. Your great ideas are coming alive, but now you must deal with realities of bosses and lovers chiming in. Get your hair done or take extra selfies for attention, and remember that minor annoyances are just part of the process. Practice patience and trust in the universe to let this full moon work its manifestation. From history, you would have made great friends with the firecracker poet Edgar Allen Poe, also a Capricorn.

Here you would be a bestie match made in heaven as Poe characterized both the successful groundedness you crave, while being a romantic at heart. For best friends, you need someone who will take charge once in a while and pull you out of your hermit state.

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Aries is a natural best friend selection for you as they will get you out of the cave once in a while, and most are very smart and born humanitarians. President Thomas Jefferson, the third American president and also a drafter of the Declaration of Independence is both an Aries and a natural success with the smarts to back it up. Jefferson was also aligned with everything you believe in, and you both would have gotten along swimmingly.

As the Cardinal Air Sign symbolized by the Justice Card in the Tarot, you are the zodiac sign that is all about peace and harmony.

You are easy to get along with and friends with just about everybody. You love a bestie who is sparkly and passionate, and able to breathe some fun into your wind of excitement and love of luxury. This makes Fixed Fire Sign Leo a wonderful bestie for you. Your perfect historical bestie would be Leo First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, who was fair and diplomatic, but also as beautiful and kind as you are.

The reason you love uncovering secrets lies in your quest for world justice and human rights. This makes anyone fighting for those same things your ideal bestie. She was an Aquarius and fellow Fixed Sign who was not only a suffragist, but also an abolitionist who was just as obsessed about justice in the world as you are. You are the Mutable Fire Sign ruled by Jupiter, and although you come off as being the life of the party, you are also very worldly and globally minded.

If it has a spiritual or humanitarian component, you are on board for that event or personal bestie. You get along with almost everyone as well due to your Jupiter traits, but bond best with fellow Mutable Sign Virgo. The most famous historical Virgo who would gel with your beliefs and global outlook would be Mother Teresa. Believe it or not, she knew how to have fun, enjoyed travel as much as you do, and changed the world in the process. Just like you hope to and dream to one day!

As the Cardinal Sign of the Earth Signs, you have a tendency to get a bad rap when it comes to your emotions. You do have them, you just wait to share them with the right person.

Sagittarius Horoscope

This makes fellow Cardinal Sign Cancer not only an ideal mate for you, but also an ideal best friend. Cancer wears their heart on their sleeve and balances your emotional reserve perfectly, and is also as intelligent as you like them to be as well. The most famous historical Cancer with whom you would be compatible at the best friend level would be Ernest Hemingway.

Hemingway also strove for success, albeit unconventionally, another trait you deeply admire in your best friends. Being the Fixed Sign of the Air Signs , you are the most low key emotionally in the entire zodiac. You need a bestie who will balance this out in you, and also understand why you think more than you express emotions. This makes fellow Fixed Sign Taurus an ideal bestie or companion for you.

You also have a humanitarian streak that has you thinking of how every action you perform touches the world at large.

This would make Taurus Florence Nightingale a perfect bestie for you historically. She was one of the most famous nurses of all time, because she used both her brains and her heart to heal the world, one person at a time. You are the Mutable Water Sign and the zodiac romantic. Pisces is associated with being most compatible with fellow Water Sign Scorpio.

This is true in either love or friendship, as Scorpio seems to get you more than any other sign. You look for someone who has a heart, in both friendship and love, and Scorpio has that in spades. Marie Curie was one of the most famous Scorpios of all time, known for her creativity in the field of physics and chemistry. She was known for saying science was both beautiful and creative, and this is very appealing to you.